Saturday, June 11, 2011

Our Mothers, Sisters and Daughters

I would like to thank everyone for their support.

The key figures in my life have always been women. My great grandmother, my grandmother, my aunts and my mother all have contributed to me becoming the man that I am today. I remember laying in bed one morning as a news report came on. It told about the savage rape and mutilation of the Congolese women. I jumped up and my stomach started to turn. I was in shock! I still can't fathom how man can be so inhumane and brutally cruel to these women who are an extension of themselves as siblings, mothers and grandmothers. I have never been so inspired to create and contribute to anything.The image "Raped Ravished and Ripped" is the child of that inspiration!

Civil war in Democratic Republic of Congo caused more then 4 million fatalities since 1998. Still, today, there are assaults by armed groups against the population, particularly near the frontier in the eastern part of the country.

During 2005, more then 10,000 mistreated girls and women looked for medical and psycho-social aid in the health centres supported by Malteser International. Concerning 2006, the amount of patients is anticipated to rise even higher.

Already since 1996, Malteser International assists in the restless regions Ituri and South-Kivu with around 300 health centres. Together with local health authorities, they provide medical care for more then 2 million people, run vaccination campaigns and take care of HIV/AIDS infected men and women. During the implementation of programs in 2003, Malteser International got aware of a very high number of women and girls who became victims of sexual aggression throughout the war.

Thats why, in addition to basic medical care and food security, Malteser International in cooperation with the local health authorities started a program to provide psycho-social assistance to the numerous women and girls who were brutalized in the war (VAS: victims of sexual aggression). Still, many women remain silent because they fear discrimination. Skilled counselors seek out victims in the villages (who otherwise would not come forward), advise and encourage them to look for treatment. Many of the counselors have been victims themselves and use their own experience to help others.

I've been researching to find an organization that would truly use the funding to help the medical expenses and psycological assistance of these women. I love what Malteser International is doing. This is how you and I can help.

Now, it's our turn!

By purchasing the artwork "Raped Ravished and Ripped" by Digital Artist tonyp
you will help The Women of the Congolese.

Every cent from the proceeds of "Raped Ravished and Ripped" will be donated to Malteser International. This brings me so much happiness and fulfillment that I have something to give. Whether you buy a card, print, coffee mug or T- Shirt with the image of "Raped Ravished and Ripped, every cent will be donated to this very important human issue.